Artistic Director : Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez
Brussels, Belgium

Touring the U.S Summer 2014 with
What the Body Does Not Remember

Artistic work :
nieuwZwart (2009)
Monkey Sandwich (2010)
Radical Wrong (2011)
Oedipus / bêt noir (2011)
Creation 2012 (2012)
What the Body Does Not Remember (2013)

Residency and Outreach Activities Available


Wim Vandekeybus is director, choreographer, actor and photographer. After having worked for two years with Jan Fabre, he created his own working structure Ultima Vez in 1986. His first performance What the Body Does Not Remember (1987) was soon being presented on international stages. A year later Wim Vandekeybus received the Bessie Award in New York for this production, which was credited “a brutal confrontation of dance and music”. Since then, Wim Vandekeybus continued changing the landscape of modern dance. With his company Ultima Vez he has created more than twenty choreographies which tour worldwide.


Hair-raising, brilliant, vicious and wild!
- El País about nieuwZwart

Go and see it, use your imagination and be surprised at the energy which Vandekeybus is able to bring together so beautifully.
- De Standaard about Monkey Sandwich

If there was a prize for the 'most delectable start of a performance', I would definitely give it to Radical Wrong.
- De Morgen about Radical Wrong

It fascinates you and you are swept away and captivated and moved...
- De Morgen about Oedipus / bêt noir



  Ultima Vez