Artes Latinas is a consortium of several high-quality Latin ensembles that are distinctly different from one another and offer very diverse styles of music. We match the appropriate act with your event - whether performing arts, college, corporate, private, festival, or educational. Aside from musical performances, Artes Latinas now also has two theatrical pieces: Americas3 and Concert of Mestizo Tales.

New in 2021: Calle Sur’s 20th anniversary project, “Cancún,” an experimental mix of original and traditional Latin music with jazz piano.

Artes Latinas represented performers include: 
Calle SurLos Llaneros, Americas3, and Tropicante.

Videos of all Artes Latinas ensembles and projects can be viewed on our website (link below)

Los Llaneros
Calle Sur
Viva Mexico
Concert of Mestizo Tales




Mixed eMotion Theatrix combines music, contemporary dance, ethnic movement, opera, theater, film and multi-media to create hybrid performance experiences in live theater and online content. The company is dedicated to telling stories of the human condition through the use of folk tales, myths, classic literature, new histories and biographies. MeMT strives to inform, educate and enlighten the contemporary audience to create a collective sense of community through shared experience.

Productions available:

Anaïs, A Dance Opera: An innovative stage production uniquely interweaving dance, music and theater to explore and illuminate the riveting life of famed diarist, Anaïs Nin revealing her world of words, passion and creativity.

Gatsby Redux: Using The Great Gatsby as inspiration this site-specific work incorporates dance and projections to transport the audience to a 1920s evening garden party, filled with love triangles, intimate moments and waves of madcap movement from the ensemble. A vintage and yet contemporary dance experience.

Hans Christian Anderson’s The Shadow: Hans Christian Anderson’s The Shadow uses music, vocals, dance, projections, puppetry and shadow play to tell Anderson’s story and then sets it on its head to present a new uplifting fairy tale of discovery, adventure and the positive nature of man.

So Now You Know: This hybrid production combines storytelling and movement to tell personal stories of individual discovery that are hilarious, poignant and uplifting. Each performance can be developed specifically for your multi-faceted community of performers.





The Resonance Collective exists to inspire and nurture the collective spirit of Los Angeles and beyond by expanding our understanding of the arts as a sacred and mystical experience, through the creation and performance of innovative and adventurous music. We further this mission through creation, curation, and education. When you attend a Resonance Collective event you are not just an audience member but an active participant, and we welcome your involvement as a member of this artistic community.

Productions available:

The Conference of the Birds: The Conference of the Birds follows the birds of the world who embark on a journey to find their sovereign, Simorgh, a divine/mythical creature. Led by the wise Hoopoe they travel through Seven Valleys, each a spiritual realm of understanding that unfolds as they journey toward Simorgh’s sanctuary. The libretto is drawn from Sufi mystic poet Attar’s seminal text about the journey of the soul as it seeks union with the Divine.