Artistic Director: Jennifer Backhaus
Mission Viejo, CA

6-10 Dancers

Residency and Outreach Activities Available


Backhausdance, a contemporary dance company, was formed in January of 2003 with the mission to expose and educate the community about the relevance and vitality of concert dance. Back hausdance has an eclectic and dynamic vocabulary borrowing from many dance styles. Their movement is physically demanding and original with a wonderful sense of fluidity and strength. The company has received 15 nominations and ten awards from the Dance Resource Center of Los Angeles for achievements in choreography, design, and performance, helping propel them to the forefront of Southern California modern dance.Backhausdance has a diverse repertory that is entertaining as well as artistic. Repertory works include powerful, athletic dances, emotionally charged dramatic pieces, and whimsical, humorous glimpses at the human experience. All works are professionally produced with beautiful lighting and costume designs. Backhausdance also offers concert pieces with a focus on younger audiences that include master class workshop components.


"All sweetness and charm, ... with technical finesse equal to the spirited footwork."
Victoria Looseleaf, LA Times

"Backhausdance, from Orange County, was the weekend's biggest surprise. ... [Backhausdance] has a real sense of shared purpose and a soaring physicality."
Jennifer de Poyen, The San Diego Union-Tribune

"Ms. Backhaus manages to embody the great joy of being human in her choreography, and she fills her space in ingenious ways ... Her dancers are well suited to the piece; in fact they move quite effortlessly, creating the effect of a delicious summer breeze. Did all this happen ages ago, or are we glimpsing the future?"
Joanna Beresford, McCallum Theatre