World-renowned vocalist and legendary crooner

Six-person ensemble: Johnny plus piano, guitar, upright bass, drums, percussion

"If Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash had a love child, it would be Johnny Boyd." - NPR

Johnny Boyd performs primarily all-original songs written in the classic American Songbook style, ranging from heartfelt ballads to raucous rock-n-roll.

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Johnny has the romanticism of a crooner, the boyish good looks of a classic, golden-era matinee idol, and the true passion, soul and vision of a renegade artist. But, it’s his highly distinctive, smooth as silk vocal style that truly defines him.

Long-acclaimed as one of the most versatile vocal performers today, Boyd seamlessly blends swing, jazz, pop, country, gospel and rock, bringing back the nostalgic charisma of a bygone era, while taking risks with his arrangements that truly show confidence in his talent.

The highly prolific singer-songwriter and resident road dog, known for his extreme work ethic (300+ gigs a year in the U.S. and Europe), moves audiences from smiles to tears in one sitting. With over 1,100 consecutive live performances to Boyd’s credit, more than 100,000 records sold, and thousands of loyal and devoted fans worldwide, he is gearing up for more with his new performance, ‘Cocktails with the Crooner.’

More about Johnny:

  • Began singing and performing at the age of eight in the Phoenix Boys Choir
  • Signed as a major label recording artist with Timebomb/BMG; currently signed as an independent artist with Cliffdive Records
  • Has recorded sixty original songs and written dozens more
  • Licensed numerous original songs for use in major motion pictures, television and gaming
  • Owns and collects vintage 1940’s neckties (over 8,000 pieces and counting)


"[He] touches on so many musical styles. But he does it with amazing talent and sincerity, again setting himself apart from his peers. Boyd has a wonderful voice-a high plaintive tenor, excellent phrasing, and a warm tremolo that he only uses when needed. His lyrics are inventive and funny, and he utilized top-notch musicians on this recording [Last Word In] who helped him achieve what he had floating around in his head. Johnny Boyd is a talent to be reckoned with."

"Sophisticated and fun…a solid singer and a songwriter with heart." -
San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Francisco, CA

"A crooner who could make any girl swoon." -
The Fritz Magazine

"Butter smooth...think Dion crossed with Wayne Newton."
Orange County Register, Santa Ana, CA

"Boyd’s crooning perfection brings assured grace to every note, whether lush and tender or jumpin’."
Blues Access Magazine

"Boyd’s crooning vocals are slick and enthusiastic. His is a top quality voice."
Slamm Magazine

"Fun, yet seductive…and, boy, does Johnny Boyd sing sweet."
Riverfront Times, St. Louis, MO

"Johnny Boyd’s vocals, not to mention the way he turns a phrase, are the one thing that stands out…[he] brings a fun, retro energy."
The Glass Eye, Toledo, OH

"Boyd’s vocals are perfect; they’ve got the soul, style, and class of swing, and some rock charm to go with them."

"A real gone daddy who can croon the blues."
Hot Rod Deluxe Magazine

"Smooth, honest voice…simply mesmerizing."
Atomic Magazine