Artes Latinas Ensembles

Artes Latinas is a consortium of several high-quality Latin ensembles that are distinctly different from one another and offer very diverse styles of music. We match the appropriate act with your event - whether college, corporate, private, performing arts, festival, or educational.

Artes Latinas represented performers include:
Calle Sur, Los Llaneros, Americas3, and Tropicante.





Mixed eMotion Theatrix

Mixed eMotion Theatrix combines music, contemporary dance, ethnic movement, opera, theater, film and multi-media to create hybrid performance experiences in live theater and online content. The company is dedicated to telling stories of the human condition through the use of folk tales, myths, classic literature, new histories and biographies. MeMT strives to inform, educate and enlighten the contemporary audience to create a collective sense of community through shared experience.